Our engineers’ skills and experience allow not only for the implementation of various elements into the manufacturing phase based upon the received technical documentation, but also for the design of the given product from the scratch – the role of engineering works to a large extent depends on expectations of a client.

Latest CAD/CAM software which enables for the proposing of adequate amenities and savings already upon the phase project design of the single element or a complicated assembly.

During the process of execution of serial manufacturing along with the client we are looking for adequate solutions allowing for the limitation of costs, through for instance optimisation of the process of material consumption.

Upon the further phases of manufacturing, starting from implementation works, our designers are in close co-operation with the Quality Department in order to meet all quality oriented requirements of the client as well as in order to eliminate any potential problems.

We kindly invite You to submit your technical drawings within any desired file format: dxf, dwg, step