Laser cutting process constitutes one of the most modern processing techniques with the application of a precise cutting tool in the form of hot laser beam. Our offer renders sheet laser cutting with the application of the perfect equipment of great power. High technical level allows for precise sheet processing with preservation of high cutting precision. The laser cutting allows for obtainment of complicated shapes as well as high quality edges of incredibly smooth and simple surface. Moreover, we make use of the modern software which provides the possibility to design details directly upon the machine as well as the selection of the best parameters for their processing. The sheet laser cutting allows our clients to receive the guarantee of high cutting quality, execution precision as well as timing. Full automation results in high material economy.


LASER  10mm   8mm 20mm 


ENSIS perspective 04
  • Axis stroke X, Y, Z: 3070x1550x100 mm
  • Maximum sheet size with reposition X/Y: 2540x1270 mm
  • Maximum sheet weight: 920 kg
  • Maximum thickness for black steel: 20 mm
  • Maximum thickness for stainless steel: 8 mm
  • Maximum thickness for stainless steel-clean-cut: 8 mm
  • Maximum thickness for aluminium A5052: 10 mm