We also offer welding services of all material groups (aluminium, stainless and black steel, galvanised steel – melting welding method) executed with the application of LORCH digital devices. Thanks to the team of highly qualified employees, who possess European welding certificates with the application of the below enumerated methods, we ensure the highest quality of offered products:

  • Welding with the application of a digital device with the application of the TIG method – aluminium, all types of stainless steel, copper, black steel alloys; welding of pipes with the application of gas supporting grounds
  • Welding with the application of a digital device with the application of MIG method equipped with the TWIN PULSfunction with the possibility of welding with the application of full rods as well as powder rods both with metal as well as rutile core. The possibility for welding of black steel, stainless steel, aluminium as well as welding – melting method of galvanized steel sheets with the application of theMIG BRAZING method, which guarantees the lack of burning of the protective layer.

The aforementioned devices are also equipped with the TIP TRONIC function, which enables for the establishment of various welding programmes, which guarantee the repeatability of welding processes (WPS).

We also possess the VT1, VT2 certificates of non-damaging examination competence; for the execution of visual examinations (respectively PN-EN 472) and we also execute engineering supervision executed by individuals with IWE and EWE authority. BMT PRO also co-operates with a welding laboratory in order for the execution of the analyses of correctness of welding processes being executed.

As standard we also offer processing of surfaces upon the execution of the welding process – grinding, polishing and we also manufacture welding equipment indispensable in the process of guaranteeing of the high repetitiveness of serial manufacturing.